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GIOTTO 47D, 49D, 53D, 57D, & 60D – 57mm Professional FreeStyle Wheels

Part Number:  STRUGIO57
Hardness:  Blue=47D, Grey=49D, Cream=53D, Yellow=57D, & White=60D
Diameter:  57mm
Compound:   MonoCompound Elastomeric ThermoPlastiche Formula

he Giotto 57mm Professional FreeStyle Wheels provides a less expensive (than the Urethane counterparts), yet, very high quality wheel, which is used on many types of skating surfaces including standard wood floors coated with plastic or poly urethane, but also unusual surfaces like, tile type basketball and volleyball courts, tennis courts (Indoor or outdoor), and concrete or terrazzo surfaces that are more common around the World. The Giotto FreeStyle Wheels are used a great deal internationally, where there are few indoor skating centers like there are here in the USA. The Giotto FreeStyle wheels are most often used on abusive surfaces where the life expectancy of the wheels on these tough surfaces are not very long, but very High Skating Quality both Grip and Roll are required. Many of the world level FreeStyle competitors use combinations of hardnesses of the Giotto to achieve the best Skating result.  The Roll-Line Giotto Professional FreeStyle Wheels are Lo- Profile, reasonably durable wheel which is Strong, Light, and with extremely Close Tolerances for Roundness, Trueness, and for the Cage where the Bearings and Spacers are mounted. The Roll-Line Giotto FreeStyle Wheels are a MonoCompound Elastomeric ThermoPlastiche wheel, which is produced utilizing an injection system and is Silver Chromed.

The softer the wheel, or lower Shore “D” hardness number, the more the grip and slightly less roll. The harder the wheel, or higher Shore “D” number, the more the roll, with slightly less grip.