Super Professional FreeStyle and Dance Toe Stops in Natural Rubber Thread Types Available: Metric and US Threads (Please Specify when Ordering) Colors Available: Natural (also sometimes called Brown or Amber) and Coral (Red) Abrasion: 5 Star Grip: 4 Star Resiliency: 5 Star The Roll - Line SUPER PROFESSIONAL is the BEST and Most Popular Toe Stop Available for ALL Level s of FreeSty le Skaters, Dance Skaters (for Original or Free Dance), Derby Skaters (Except Jammers) , and General Use . The SUPER PROFESSIONAL Toe Stops (most popular are the Natural) are available from . The SUPER PRO Toe Stops have all of the very good ch aracteristics needed in Toe Stops, Abrasion, Grip, and Resiliency. The Roll - Line SUPER PRO Natural Toe Stops are available in both Metric and US Threads. All Roll - Line Frames have Metric Toe Stop Threads. ATLAS, Snyder, and Sure Grip use US Threads.