Warp Adjustable Inline Speed Skate
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Warp Adjustable Inline Speed Skate


Small adjusts from juvenile 12 to 2,  includes 90mm wheels with 100mm plates.

Large adjust from 2 to 5, includes 100mm wheels with 110 plates. 

The WARP inline boot is made up of two sections; back half which is stationery and front which moves to adjust size.


STEP 1) Remove front wheel and remove the laces. 

STEP 2) Remove front frame mounting screw.

STEP 3) The front section of the boot will slide/move.  If the front section does not move, try pulling the front section away from the frame.  Please be aware the front section will separate from boot assembly.  If this happens, do not worry, it will easily slide back in.

STEP 4) Once the front section is moved into the desirable position, reattached front frame screw. 

STEP 5)  Reattach front wheel, re-lace, go skate!!