More flexibility and dexterity!

The Super model has a flexible and lightweight cable, with a well-achieved ergonomic dimension. With a narrower stick geometry, it provides a more maneuverable grip and greater sensitivity to contact with the ball, due to the low density and flexibility of the handle, being an ideal stick for more technical hockey players.

The 90º curvature laminated shovel of the AZEMAD family remains the choice of players, with the traditional shovel geometry adapted to the modern style of play.

The AZEMAD Super offers a more agile handling, due to the good balance and lightness of the handle, adding greater speed and dexterity to the style of play.

Size: 102cm

Shovel: 90º curvature, laminated wood with fiber coating

Cable: Thin

Hardness: Flexible

Player Type: Technical Players

Benefit: Agility and dexterity