The firmest handle!

The Jumbo model has a thicker and wider handle of our entire collection, improving the feeling of less weight on the shovel. Thanks to its thick and wide geometry, it provides a feeling of firmness superior to the Plus handle. It is suitable for those who prefer a greater sense of security throughout the game.

The 90º curvature laminated shovel of the AZEMAD family remains the choice of players, with the traditional shovel geometry adapted to the modern style of play.

The AZEMAD Jumbo thus guarantees the greatest firmness in its grip by increasing its geometry, making the rotation of the stick in the hand almost impossible. However, it will bring a decrease in dexterity, leading to longer dribbling time.

Size: 102cm

Shovel: 90º curvature, laminated wood with fiber coating

Cable: Thick

Hardness: Rigid

Player Type: Strong players

Benefit: Stability