BRAVE - Dare to be it!

The BRAVE model was conceived and developed in partnership with the player João Rodrigues and is a unique adaptation to his style of play, being an exclusive model in the market. The key feature of this stick is its widening of the cable to the shovel, making the stick not linear and having a wider shovel in relation to the thin cable.

This stick geometry offers several advantages, especially for area players, however this unique and bold concept can become more complicated to master, due to the balance and weight distribution different from the usual. With a thin and hard handle, it provides a more maneuverable grip and a sense of security in contact with the ball, combining with the enlargement of the shovel that takes advantage of the full possible width of the stick and thus has a greater area of contact with the ball, while giving up the thin handle for more agile handling.

With the identity of the player very explicit on the stick, this is a stick that has a goal and only the most daring dare to use it. Do you have what it takes? The sticks of AZEMAD professional players may vary from the model presented, being readapted to the tastes and needs of the players.

Size: 102cm

Shovel: Shovel ream, 90º curvature, laminated wood with fiber coating

Cable: Thin

Hardness: Rigid

Player Type: Area Players

Benefit: Completion and First Touch