Magic in your hands!

The Magic MS model was conceived and designed in partnership with player Marlene Sousa who intended to transmit all her technique and magic on her stick. Inspired by the Olympic rings, this stick conveys all the player's complicity with sport and Roller Hockey.

It is a very comfortable stick and consisting of a thin handle, to promote a more maneuverable handle, ideal for technical players who like to pretend and show off inside the track. It has a laminated shovel of 90º curvature, and the traditional shovel geometry is adapted to the modern style of play.

This stick was thus designed for Magic to happen. The sticks of AZEMAD professional players may vary from the model presented, being readapted to the tastes and needs of the players.

Size: 102cm

Shovel: 90º curvature, laminated wood with fiber coating

Cable: Thin

Hardness: Rigid

Player Type: Technical Players

Benefit: Magic (Technical D'skill)