Play Hockey!

The Tiny model is a stick developed for children under 5/6 years old who begin to have their first contact with sport and Roller Hockey. It is a stick designed only to encourage the first contact with the modality, as well as the development of the first concepts: the grip, handling, positioning of the stick and touch of the ball.

It is a much smaller and lighter stick compared to the other available models, and is only indicated for "playing games" and is not recommended for any type of training or game situation, and it will always be advisable to have an adult's presence and accompaniment for the use of the stick in a spacious and suitable environment.

This stick is thus the ideal model for learning the basic concepts at an early age, in addition to becoming a memory for life, of great value and symbolism for the future athlete.

Size: 75cm

Shovel: 90ยบ curvature

Cable: Extremely Thin

Pattern: Colorful

Player Type: Children under 6 years old

Benefit: Basic Concepts