For the Mini Pros!

The Mini model is a Roller Hockey initiation stick with a very thin and light handle, which allows better handling by children. This stick should be seen as the first learning stick for training and game contexts, suitable for developing children up to 10 years of age, so it has -10cm than professional models (92cm).

With a traditional 90º curvature shovel, combined with its shorter length and very thin handle, it transmits all the traditional ergonomics of the game adapted to the hands and sizes of children, for better learning and development of the basic concepts.

The stick has a linear cable thickness so that it can be cut and adapted to smaller sizes, but we only advise this procedure to people with the ability to do so or through a request at AZEMAD's premises. AZEMAD is not responsible for procedures that are not performed on its own headquarters.

Size: 92 cm

Shovel: 90º curvature

Cable: Very thin

Hardness: Flexible

Player Type: First levels of formation

Benefit: Ergonomic adaptability