The transition to Pro!

The Beginner model is a stick indicated for intermediate training levels, already counting on the total size of the professional sticks (102cm). It is not a purely initiation stick, but rather a transition stick because it already has the total size and characteristics close to the professional models, being prepared and adapted for game situations that already require greater intensity and for athletes who begin to develop their physical capacity, not giving up the evolution of technical dexterity.

The Beginner cable is thus thin to adapt to the growth phase of lower physical capacity of young athletes, indicated for those who already have an above-average domain of the stick and seek a natural transition to the next stage, thus not renouncing the correct methods of development. The traditional 90º curvature shovel has a laminated wood structure and composite outer reinforcement, presenting an identical resistance to the top-end sticks.

The stick has a linear cable thickness so that it can be cut and adapted to smaller sizes, but we only advise this procedure to people with the ability to do so or through a request at AZEMAD's premises. AZEMAD is not responsible for procedures that are not performed on its own headquarters.

Size: 102 cm

Shovel: 90º curvature, laminated wood with fiber coating

Cable: Thin

Hardness: Flexible

Player Type: Intermediate training levels

Benefit: Transition model