Azemad wheels
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Speed inside the track!

AZEMAD Wheels allow you to adapt skates and skating to your needs. They promise to offer high-level performance with the best commitment to durability.

They are available in three models designed for different situations and skating styles. Overall and compared to standard models, one of the great benefits of these wheels is the fact that they have a narrower track (26mm), which promotes a significantly more fluid slip, but maintaining the usual balance.

The three available models have three different types of hardnesses: Duel (88A), Drive (92A) and Tunnel (94A), in order to adapt to different skating styles or even different floors.

Track: 26mm

Diameter: 62mm

Duel (88A): Greater grip due to its lower rigidity - Smooth

Drive (92A): Balance between speed and grip - Firm

Tunnel (94A): More speed with less grip - Rigid

Includes a set of 8 wheels